About pikue (Sanjukta Mukherjee )

A career profile for those interested:
Piku(Sanjukta) was attracted to music from her tender age of 3 years and started learning music from her father Pratap Mukherjee and Guru Prasanta Banerjee. She has been a regular performer thereafter from the age of seven. Her regular performance includes Rabindra Sangeet, Adhunik Songs of Subhomita Banerjee and Bangla / Hindi songs of Lataji, Ashaji, Gita Dutta; apart from parfomance of peppy numbers as per demand of audiences.
Piku(Sanjukta) has also participated in SA RE GA MA (senior) at the age of 13, She was highly appreciated by the judges and was given a special certification. She is currently be groomed by Smt. Jhumur Chakraborty, who is now groomer of SA RE GA MA.
Piku(Sanjukta) added a new dimension to Public performances at a tender age of 14. Apart from rendering solo numbers, her duet songs with Pratap, have claimed accolades from, the audience. Legendary singers like Usha Uthup, Monomoy, Monoj Murali Nair have termed her as a " Wonder Kid, ahead of her time".
Sanjukta(Piku) is now a regular TV artist and has performed in various Bengali Channels. Notably, she has performed thrice in "Good Morning Akash", a very esteemed and prestigious TV programme with the largest global viewer base.
Lovers of Indian music would surely be enthralled by their performances.